What is progesterone and how safe is it?

When we talk about female hormones we immediately think of estrogen and sometimes don’t give much attention to the other major hormone involved in the female reproductive system – progesterone. Progesterone is kind of like the little sister of estrogen.  It compliments and does a lot of things in our body similar to estrogen, but […]

What is menopause (and the other phases before and after)?

Technically, the term menopause refers to the point in time when a woman is no longer fertile and when the last viable egg has been released. It’s pretty amazing that we’re born with over 3 million eggs nestled in our ovaries and by the time we reach menopause they have all disappeared.  You only release […]

What kinds of hormones are the best?

By the time we reach menopause, our ovaries have pretty much quit producing the two major types of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. There is still a small amount of these hormones circulating in our systems, but at levels far lower than during our reproductive years.  The loss of estrogen leads to a number […]