Does estrogen cause weight gain?

You’re not alone if at some point near your 50th birthday you encounter that moment while trying on pants in the fitting room that you say to yourself: “Either they are making waistlines much smaller, or somehow mine is bigger.” And then you reluctantly accept the fact that your figure has changed and that you […]

Does estrogen cause heart problems?

Has your doctor told you that taking estrogens could cause a heart attack? This is one of the reasons that hormone treatment fell out of favor back in 2002 when a landmark study called the WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) announced its findings.  Newspapers across the world announced that taking HRT increased a woman’s risk of […]

Does estrogen cause breast cancer?

Many people believe that estrogen causes breast cancer. They’ve heard this from their friends and have read it in women’s magazines.  Your doctor likely has even told you that taking estrogen will increase your risk of breast cancer.  And, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer the first thing your doctor does is stop your […]

Does estrogen help my bones?

You may think of your bones as the solid, dried-out sticks that your dog loves to chew on.  But bones are actually a living, breathing organ just like all of our other body parts. Within the external shell of each bone are millions of tiny boney spicules crisscrossing back and forth forming a dense, but […]

Are hot flashes dangerous?

If you ever watch a woman desperately fanning herself – don’t laugh because it’s not funny and odds are, if you’re a woman, you will be there some day.  Being hot and sweaty can ruin an otherwise beautiful summer day. So think about how uncomfortable it would be to feel that way in the middle of […]