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Hello and welcome to my blog site.  I promised all of my patients that I would write a book on estrogen and HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and am well on my way to finishing it.  Every day 6000 women reach the day called menopause (which means they have said goodbye to their last menstrual cycle) and enter a new phase of their lives called POSTMENOPAUSE.   But many don’t know what to do about taking estrogen.  No wonder.  Every decade the opinion on whether or not women should take hormones seems to change – because studies come out that contradict each other.  On top of that women read that estrogen- like products (such as BPA) cause cancer – so estrogen must not be good.   But then they hear that taking bio-identical estrogen therapy is safe If you are in this predicament, what should you do?  You’re having hot flashes, you’re not sleeping, and you’re having other problems down there (you know where).  Does hormone therapy help?  Is it safe?  Which ones are the best?  These are some of the questions I will be addressing.

The current guidelines have discouraged hormone therapy, but expert opinion is challenging this – for good reason.  I will be discussing the controversies about HRT; and writing articles on everything from how estrogen helps our brains and bones – to new insights about estrogen and breast cancer.  And spoiler alert – new information is coming out about some of the benefits of estrogen that are really important to know.

Sandra C. Rice MD

About Me

I am a board certified physician who has practiced general internal medicine for over three decades in the Pacific Northwest. Thousands of my patients have looked to me for advice regarding management of their menopause and postmenopausal years.  Over the last few years I have focused my energy on researching everything there is to know about the history and current status of hormone therapy and have been sharing it with my patients and women in my community.  Here’s my latest TED talk on HRT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTKJBop6HKY

About This Site

The goal of this site and my pending book, The Estrogen Questions, is to provide women with the most up-to-date information that is important for them to know regarding the benefits and risks of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy.  I base my comments on my review of articles and studies from respected experts in the menopause field and occasionally will share my personal opinion and observations on issues that are controversial or not yet conclusively established.  This information is not meant to be construed as medical treatment or advice.  My intention is to provide the background women need in order to have meaningful discussions with their medical providers to explore what is best for them based on their unique health situations and preferences.

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